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TalkAboutBarbie is a Los Angeles, CA based artist. She has a reputation for standing out and creating bright energetic pieces of art. Her paintings hold energy. They bring life and abundance into all homes and galleries they grace. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to further her career and that she did.

When she paints, she paints with intention to give blessings to all who own her work.

Please visit her past works to inquire for purchase.

TalkAboutBarbie is currently continuing work on a money series as well as a documentary. The documentary will take time. The money series will be available soon.

Thank you so much for all the years of support. 

"One thing I have learned from living in Los Angeles, CA peoples appreciation for my talents expand far beyond my paintings. I have been able to help many in art direction, styling as well as custom pieces costume work. All in which make my heart and soul super happy.  " -TalkAboutBarbie 



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